How Angel of the North got its wings

 Former councillor recalls how his choice 20 years ago saw the installation of Anthony Gormley’s artwork at Gateshead

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Small firms face 'extermination' due to Network Rail asset sale

Thousands of businesses based in railway arches are facing rent hikes of up to 500%


States ‘failing to seize Sudan’s dictator despite genocide charge’

At least 33 countries ignored International Criminal Court’s warrants for arrest of Omar al-Bashir, say lawyers

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Rock by rock: rangers rebuild England's highest war memorial

National Trust rangers have started to rebuild England’s highest war memorial on the summit of Scafell Pike to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war.


Marines fly in supplies for Pennine villages still cut off by snow

Residents tell of camaraderie and shovels in face of ‘beast of the east’ and Storm Emma

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VIDEO - Marines fly in supplies for Pennine villages still cut off by snow

Refugees and migrants play cricket in Serbia


Durham Lumiere light festival